Thursday, October 6, 2011

Commenters welcome, and I did not close the comments on Rethinking Vision Forum

Someone recently came here to discuss a comment I posted on Rethinking Vision Forum. He/ she accuse me of closing the comments (on Rethinking Vision Forum) so nobody could reply to me. For the record, Rethinking Vision Forum is not my blog. I have no control over the comments they publish. I endorse the theme of the blog, but have nothing to do with it, beyond allowing them to re-publish my writings.

And why would I close the comments? It's not like I can, now, egotistically act as if I made an irrefutable comment. My comment became invisible, with all the others.

If you want to post a comment that relate to patriarchal topics here, please do! I welcome any on-topic questions and comments, as well as suggestions where I can improve on these tenets. Post it in any thread where it is relevant.

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