Scripture is the believer’s sufficient guide for all of faith and practice, and Christians must believe and obey whatever it teaches and commands. The Bible provides the Christian — through precept, pattern and principle — all that is necessary to make wise decisions concerning the many ethically complex issues of life.
 - Tenet 24, The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy
Scripture should guide the believer for faith and practice. We should certainly treat the contents with respect, and be willing to live as God teaches through scripture. I looked, tenet by tenet, into the tenets of Biblical patriarchy, and came to this conclusion: The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy, from here onwards referred to as TBP, do not see scripture as sufficient. The TBP writers had to add to scripture a lot to fit their tenets.
At this moment, you may not believe me. But could you, who live by TBP, please look into it, and see if these tenets are truly the message God want to give? And, even more important, do you love the Lord enough to throw out all falsehood, even if it mean throwing away a system you gave your life to?

I hope to eventually include a critique of every tenet on this blog.

MM Johann